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November 22, 2009 Journal
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Al (pseudonym) was under care for leprosy. After a year of treatment with two medicines with partial improvement, he needed a third medicine. This medicine was only available through national leprosy treatment centers. In Haiti, this meant Al would have to move to the capital city for at least a year and perhaps longer. Being extremely poor with no family connections in the capital, he refused to go and indicated he would rather die in his village. We shared his story with sisters and brothers in Christ while we were in Santiago, Dominican Republic. My preliminary attempts to find the medicine in Santiago while we were there had failed and we returned to Haiti without the medicine for Al. Flor and Hiran de Leon prayed and felt God ask them to help Al. They went to the leprosy treatment center in Santiago to present Al’s case and see if God would open the doors to getting the third medicine. They wondered to themselves how could they succeed, as neither of them are medically trained and knew essentially nothing about leprosy. Yet they continued to feel God’s leading. They met with the leprosy center doctors and administrators who grilled them with questions, many of which they could not answer. They shared with them Al’s story, our medical story in Haiti, and God’s story with all of us. After much discussion and doubts, they called Santo Domingo, the capital, for the final word. Amazingly, they gave permission to send us one year’s worth of Clofazimine for Al. Praise God! Al took his first dose of the new medicine last week. We shared with him and his neighbors how much Jesus loves them, and how much he loves Al. We told them the stories of Jesus healing the lepers in the Bible and invited all to come to the Lord as their Savior. Is this not what we might call Holy praxis, all of us learning together through loving action in Christ?



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