International Ministries

God is Doing Good Things

December 10, 2003 Journal

On July 8th, I returned to El Salvador to work again with the Salvadorians for the Baptist Federation of El Salvador. Upon my return, I continued in the same place where I was the past four years, doing what I had been doing before.

I reengaged with the STEP program to assist with scholarships for students in Jucuapa in the Galilieas Privete School. For the first time The celebration of the Galieas Privete School the 9th aniversary with the  mayor of the city and the pastor Salomon Turcio in Jucuapa, El Salvador. we celebrated the blessing of preaching at the women's convention of Latin America in Chile. I was one of the preachers in the morning. It is so wonderful what God did there. Women had the opportunity to hear how God is using us to empower others to serve Him.

Las Malinas Mission Field with the new temple built up with the collaboration of the Puerto Rican people in July 2003.In my first month back, I received a group from Puerto Rico that started construction of the Malvinas Temple in California Usulutan. The community is made up of coffee workers whose families face unemployment and money problems. But, thanks to God and the people themselves, the building was finished. On November 29 we celebrated the dedication of that building. The Baptist pastor gave the history and principles of Baptists, and then we had lunch together. About 200 people were present for that event.

On August 29, I was invited by a pastor in Santa Rosa de Lima to celebrate the baptism of a group of 5 persons in the Guascoran River. However, when I finished preaching, I fell down and broke my wrist. I wore a plaster cast for a month, and for the next month needed therapy for my left hand. Thanks to God my hand is working fine now, although with some difficulty.

In Puente Cuscatlan I baptized a group of four persons on December 4. That was a testimony for the families of the community that God can use women in His kingdom.

On December 6, I coordinated a get together of youth. It was a good experience because about 100 people were in the new mission at Puente Cuscatlan. We concluded with a football game between the youths.

The work is so hard but God is doing good things.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre