International Ministries

Anticipating Our Return "Home," to Bulga

May 14, 2006 Journal

Greetings from Colorado!Our time on home assignment is fast passing us by, and we will soon be returning to Bulgaria.We've found this time to be both incredibly stressful and exceedingly rewarding.Traveling so much and being in a different place every week is emotionally and physically taxing, but we are always energized by visiting churches and sharing with mission-minded folks around the country.God has always provided a special measure of encouragement and energy just when we needed it!It has been a blessing to see so many old friends again, and to meet new ones.We know many of you have been praying for and supporting our ministry in Bulgaria during the past four and a half years and we Our Missionary Partnership Team.have so enjoyed meeting you face-to-face.

As we come down to our last few months in the United States we are beginning to anticipate our return "home," to Bulgaria.So many things to think about and get done in a short amount of time!One important task to be accomplished this year was the development of our Missionary Partnership Team (or MPT).Eight of our dear friends have said "yes" to joining us in ministry in this way:

Kerry Hassler---First Baptist Church, Boulder, Colorado

Don and Fran Lambert---American Baptist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

Bill and Mary Beth Mankin---First Baptist Church, Laramie, Wyoming

Maggi Susman---Calvary Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado

Gordon and Lynnette Thayer---American Baptist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

You're probably asking "Just what is an MPT anyway?"The MPT model grew out of the desire of churches and individuals to develop closer, more personal relationships with international missionaries.Local congregations and individuals are not satisfied with just sending money—they want to be personally involved in mission on many levels.This is where the MPT fits in.The main task of our MPT is to help us build a network of individuals and churches to come alongside us to pray for, participate in, and financially support our ministry in Bulgaria.This network is the MPN, or Missionary Partnership Network.Our MPT came together for the first time for their orientation, led by staff members from our headquarters in Valley Forge, PA, on Saturday, May 6.We had a wonderful day together getting acquainted and re-acquainted, and we were able to share with them our vision for the next four years of our ministry.

Some of the roles our MPT members will have include:

Prayer Advocate


Pastoral Care

Missionary Kid Advocate

Financial Advocate

Mission Involvement

Technology Specialist

Women's Ministries

As missionaries, we should not feel like "Lone Rangers."Rather, we should be in partnership with the community of faith which sends us.Our MPT will help facilitate these relationships and help provide the various kinds of support we need to continue our ministry in Bulgaria.In the upcoming months you will be hearing from our MPT to introduce themselves, and with suggestions on how you can become more involved in our ministry and network through prayer support, volunteer involvement, or financial support.We appreciate all of you who have supported us in so many ways these past five years, and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with you during our next term.



Tom and Terry Myers