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OGHS Grants are Being Put to Use

July 5, 2004 Journal

Greetings from Bulgaria!

How exciting it was for us to receive the summer edition of the American Baptists "In Mission" magazine and see Bulgaria so prominently featured! June is when many American Baptist Churches receive the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. This offering helps communities around the world who suffer the effects of hunger, disasters, conflicts or severe economic hardship. Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing are vitally important to our ministry in Bulgaria. Let us share with you briefly some of the ways One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) grants are being put to use in Bulgaria.

---The town of Guliantsi is located only a few miles from the Danube River in north-central Bulgaria. It is also home to one of the oldest Baptist churches in Bulgaria. Here, OGHS funds were used to purchase a used tractor. This tractor, along with equipment left from a previous project, will be available to do custom work for those in the community who do not have their own tractor. This project has provided employment for one of the church members and will in time provide an income to the church. The church is praying about how to best use this income. They may start their own farm or possibly start a micro-enterprise loan program to provide small loans to members of their congregation who want to start or expand existing businesses.

---Dobrich is a city in northern Bulgaria near the Black Sea. This is the same place where the first two projects funded by OGHS were last year. This year, with funds from OGHS, the church in Dobrich has started a micro-enterprise loan program. The first two recipients of the loans have recently been selected and we are excited about their plans. The first of the recipients is a young family who has started keeping bees. With this loan they are expanding the number of hives they have and are looking for land to purchase where they can keep the hives during the winter. Throughout the summer the hives are moved to different areas where the flowers or trees are blooming in order to produce the best honey. The family has already secured a market for their product. The second recipient is a women who has started a small shop in the seaside town of Varna. Her dream is to use the profits from the shop to buy a small farm where she and her husband can raise vegetables to sell in the local markets.

These projects and many others in the United States and around the world are made possible because of your generous donations to the OGHS. Thank you for your support of this vitally important offering. We would encourage you, if you have not already given to the OGHS, to prayerfully consider making a donation.

The big event for this summer is the arrival of the Xtreme Team the first week of July. Terry leaves on June 26th for a week of orientation at Judson College in Elgin, IL, then all 11 team members will return together to Bulgaria for an Xtreme adventure the entire month of July. We can't tell you all they will xperience, but suffice it to say it will be xtreme!!! Terry will be traveling all the time with the Team, and is wondering if she is going to survive! You can keep up with each day's happenings and journal entries by the xtremers by logging onto the Xtreme Team website at Please pray for the seven young adults who have been selected, and for the four leaders, as we travel together xperiencing mission and ministry in Bulgaria. Also pray for the team of three leaders and five young adults coming from Costa Rica and Nicaragua to xperience missions in mid-America during the same time. If you are planning to attend World Mission Conference in August, you will be able to hear first-hand reports from both teams.

Please pray for:

Tom and Terry Myers
Missionaries in Bulgaria