International Ministries

Windows Messenger Connection In Mission

May 28, 2003 Journal

I never used the WINDOWS Messenger. I never knew how to use it.But sometimes God uses the unused programs to connect the people for mission work.

When I was on my computer in November 2002 the Windows Messenger was activated with a message that Frederick Cartwright from Crooked Creek Baptist Church, Indianapolis was asking me if I was Magda Aguirre the missionary from BIM in El Salvador. That was an excellent connection to a mission trip that will be visiting Cojutepque in El Salvador!

I was telling some details of the Church in El Salvador and offered my self to visit the Church in the USA to share with the group that was interested in a mission trip to El Salvador.In a miracle way we were talking by the Messenger and the Sister Janira e Baides from El Salvador and member of the Baptist Federation of El Salvador was connected with the chat. Do you see the miracle of the connection for mission?We are people of connections so we can do the mission in His name.

On May 2nd to the 5th I visited the Crooked Creek Baptist Church in Indiana and had the opportunity to talk with the group planning to take the mission trip to El Salvador in June 2003.It was incredible that May 2ndis my birthday and I was kept waiting 5 hours in Philadelphia waiting to fly to Indiana.The only thing that I knew was the e-mail that I received from FRED but no phone number, no directions to the church.In my mind was a prayer that if Fred is and excellent Christian he will be there waiting for me. I arrived in Indiana at 11:00p.m. and there was Fred and one of the leaders that will go to El Salvador.

The coordination of my visit was excellent, the friendly people of the church and the sense of calling of the people there is a testimony that Jesus Christ invites us with favor to do mission.

A group of 19 persons will do the mission in the name of Jesus Christ in El Salvador.Just connect by the messenger of Love and Hope that is our Lord Jesus Christ the mission continue in El Salvador.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre