International Ministries

Moving to Bulgaria

November 30, 2001 Journal

What a wild, exciting three months we have had since our commissioning service in August! We continue to be amazed how God has worked in our lives. When we left Green Lake in August we were prepared to move and start our ministry in Nepal, but God had a different plan. As many of you may know by now, our serving in Nepal did not work out due to a variety of reasons. The possibilities presented to us for ministry in Nepal did not feel like a good fit and we felt that God might be leading us elsewhere. While we left the possibility of serving in Nepal open, the staff at International Ministries started to explore other options with us.

After many conversations and much time spent praying and waiting, two exciting options opened to us. One was to go to Durban, South Africa, and the other to go to Sofia, Bulgaria. After discussing the possibilities with each other, our families and God we felt we were being lead to serve in Bulgaria. We will be relating to the Baptist Union of Bulgaria. Our first year will be spent in language school and in building relationships. After the first year Tom will most likely be working in furthering the development of a cooperative farm which has already been started, and Terry may be involved in helping start a Baptist-related orphanage in Sofia. We are excited about joining God’s work already taking place in Bulgaria.

Our schedule is still a work in progress. The staff at International Ministries is working on several details, including necessary paperwork and visas, as well as finding out when the new semester starts at the school the boys will be attending. A.J. is eight years old and in the second grade, and Nathan is six years old, in kindergarten. We most likely will leave sometime after Christmas in order to have time to settle in before the boys start school. We anticipate that they will be attending an American school in Sofia.

We are continually amazed how God has worked in our lives. We can clearly see His hand at work in all that has happened to bring us to this point in our lives. We have also been reminded that God works in His own time and we need to wait patiently for his leading. We want to thank you for your many prayers for us, and share with you our specific prayer requests at this time:

·For A.J. and Nathan as they leave school and friends
·Tom and Terry as we pack
·All of us as we leave family
·That getting the proper visas will go smoothly
·For a place to live in Sofia
·For God’s continued guidance and care

We give thanks to God for each of you and pray for His continued blessing in your lives.