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Blue Coffee...

November 5, 2009 Journal
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"You like blue coffee?"                                            


Ruth is smiling at me.  A warm, gracious smile.  It is breakfast time at the Golden Guest Inn hotel on my first day in Myanmar.  It is a small family business.  Ruth is a brilliant young woman, trained as a physician but helping her parents with the hotel at the moment.  I have been amazed as I listen to her talking to people in the dining room, rapidly switching from Burmese to Mandarin to English.  I realize she is speaking to me.




I am stalling.  I'm pretending to be searching through the mental archives for the answer to this deep question.  As if!  ...I am completely clueless.  Maybe my ears are still ringing from all those hours on airplanes.  What is this nice person saying to me?


"Blue coffee.  You like?"


Ruth is patiently and graciously prompting me.  This is not a question that should require much thought.  Ruth knows you either like blue coffee or you don't.  What's the big deal?


The big deal, of course, is that Ruth's guest does not want to be stupid... or even to appear to be stupid.  I mean, I've been around.  I know Blue Mountain Coffee is regarded as Jamaica's finest brand.  Could it possibly be that Jamaican coffee has made its way here, to Burma?  Nah.  Well then, I guess there's no hope for it.  Time to admit my ignorance.


"Blue coffee?" I ask.


As soon as the words pass my lips, I understand.  For some reason, I needed to actually say it, in order to "get it."


"Oh, yes, blue coffee.  I would love some brewed coffee!"


During the flight over from the U.S., a hymn kept running through my mind:  Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.  For some reason, each time I came to the phrase, "tune my heart to sing Thy grace," what came to mind was, "tune my ears to hear what people say."  Lord, how I need that! 


Of course, I actually need much more "tuning" than what is required to recognize that the sound "blue" was meant to represent the word "brewed."  Lord, let me hear what people say... and also what that means.  Set me free from the need to appear to understand when I really do not.  Amen!


May you enjoy your coffee... or whatever "blue" you prefer!