International Ministries

Building Homes

March 22, 2002 Journal
Dear brothers and sisters

It's a pleasure let you know some exciting news that I have in El Salvador.The work here has increased.Already through the Baptist Federation of El Salvador and the American Baptist Churches we finished six houses for persons who lost their houses in the past earthquake in January/February 2001. There was so much work to do, but there was plenty of satisfaction and plenty of hope and happiness for the families. The first group that we had in March was from Rhode Island.Their presence among us in Jucuapa was wonderful.Thanks to the leaders that organized that group of AB Men.

On July 4, 2002 I will return to Puerto Rico to begin my year of US and Puerto Rico Assignment until December 02.My address there will be

Rvda. Magda Aguirre
Box 617
Salinas P.R.00751-0617

That period will be for study and sharing with the Baptist Churches of Puerto about my work in El Salvador.I hope that it will be a good time to promote mission education.From January to June 2003 I will be in Orlando, Florida to share my ministry in El Salvador with the Baptist Churches in the US. My address in Orlando will be:

Rvda. Dra. Magda Aguirre
# 8455 Barnstable Place Village South Sport
Orlando, FL 32827

If you would like me to speak at your church or event, please contact your regional Minister of Mission Support.

In Jesus Christ our Savior,

Magda Aguirre