International Ministries

July 2009

July 14, 2009 Journal
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 Dear Faithful Friends, Supporters  and Family,

Once again it kind of overwhelms me when I think about all of you and your faithful support to us so that we can continue to live and serve work.  Just the other day,  I was thinking about it and feeling so blessed by you all.  You must be praying for us too, because we can feel God’s blessing on us.  

In the last month or our regular routine was interrupted when school was out for the Summer.  The first thing we did was take a family trip to see close friends,  the Stouts,  in Bangladesh.  This picture was taken in front of an ancient  Hindu temple in the North of  the country.   This trip was a great opportunity for us to experience a very different culture from our own here in Thailand.  What a blessing. 

But life is not without it’s concerns.  Amidst all we have to thank God for,  we are also concerned for our close friends, Peter and Mary Quesenberry who have been living in our neighborhood and working with us at Mekong Minority Foundation had to return home for a period of time. Pete has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.   He is undergoing tests and expects to start his treatment before the end of the month of July.  It’s been  quite a blow to us.  We’ve been involved in each other’s lives daily - at home,  at work and at church for more about 2 and half years.  We’re praying that he’ll recover and the and their youngest son,  Wynn will be able to come back and  continue working with us. 
On the ministry side. it seems that after some months of reviewing, reassessing our direction and  planning,  things at the Mekong Minority Foundation have really picked up.  God continues to use our team to make an impact in people’s lives.  We are constantly reminding ourselves that we are serving a great God and that it is His ministry not ours.  A  school for migrant children that a local Burmese church has recently opened with MMF’s help has quickly shown us that the many of the migrant workers in Chiang Rai are  leading a difficult existence.  Alisa wrote a little story about one such family that we’d be happy to send you if you’d like.    

• Peter and Mary Quesenberry as Pete starts chemotherapy.
• The Family Learning Center as it seeks to build it’s first classroom building to  meet government standards.   We have 5 months to raise about $300,000.   So please pray for the Family Learning Center and it's future.  
Thanks again for your prayers and for your continued support. 

May God Bless you richly,
Scott and Tan