International Ministries

Working Toward Peace

December 13, 2005 Journal

Dear friends,

"Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace!" (Luke 19.42) Such a longing for peace, in our homes, our communities, our denomination, our world! What small steps can we take?

The world at times seems to be submergedin violence—on the streets, in our homes and schools, even in our churches. Yet Christians in every country seek to create a different reality: communities relating to one another in harmony, sharing resources, creating opportunities, valuing the diversity of God's creation.

Your gifts to the World Mission Offering make it possible for me to be a part of communities in Latin America that are working for peace, struggling to changeLumbrera Team the very structures and attitudes of society that provoke violence.In Ediciones Lumbrera we write Bible study materials for churches and schools that help people live out their Christian commitment.

In January, Ediciones Lumbrera plans to publish a new series of studies: Let's Be Peacemakers in our Church and our Society. With a variety of dynamic activities and Bible studies, we seek to develop patterns and relationships that build peace in our faith communities and our neighborhoods.

But we need $15,000 to be able to publish this material. Will you help? If you can sponsor one page of our material for $20, that investment will produce material for 1,000 teachers. For $100 you can sponsor a whole lesson on teaching conflict resolution skills, developing new attitudes toward immigrants, or creating faith communities that heal and restore their members.For $1,000 you can sponsor an entire student workbook, which will reach 3,000 students.

Will you join us in working toward peace in Latin America?Our materialis PR Teacherscurrently being used in churches and schools in a wide variety of denominations, in Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Panama. To find out how to support this project, please contact me directly at

I thank God for your prayers and your support, as we serve together in ministry.

In Christ,

Ruth Mooney