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Baja Update Sept/Oct 2009

October 27, 2009 Journal
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Dear friends,


Always thankful for your concern, thoughts and prayers, this month we share with you three notes representing important happenings in our lives and work right now:


... We're thankful for the good reports we have received from Teresa Miranda as she begins a new ministry as director of a cross-cultural training school in the state of Campeche.  Teresa was commissioned in August by the Baptist Convention of Baja Mexico and arrived in Campeche at the beginning of September. 


... Colds and flus have hit our area of Baja quite early this year, including in the schools, churches and groups with which we minister.  There are also a number of reported cases of H1N1 virus in Baja.  We're taking as much precaution as possible and as in the States, the Mexican schools will not close this year unless the situation becomes critical. 


... Please remember the World Mission Offering.  Most churches receive the WMO in the month of October and the offering continues to be of critical importance to maintaining the work of all International Ministries' missionaries.  As you are aware, we missionaries, along with our Missionary Partnership Team are now responsible for personalized giving that amounts to 80% of our support.  The other 20% comes from the WMO.  In this way, then, churches, groups and individuals are able to support all of the International Ministries team spread out around the world.  


---Your gifts help 16 missionaries work full time to lead people to faith, while 32 missionaries work full time to train church leaders, and 64 missionaries work full time in cutting edge ministries to human need as they present the Good News of Jesus Christ.---


The Offering is even more important this year as we strive to rebound from the impact of the great recession and achieve, as in 2007, our goal of $3.7 million.  Here are the ways in which you can help:


  1. You may give during your church’s World Mission Offering. Your church will send it to International Ministries.
  2. You may give a monthly WMO gift through your church, which will send it to International Ministries.
  3. You may give directly to International Ministries anytime through the website: or by mailing your check to International Ministries, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA

In Christ,


Patti and Tim