International Ministries

Drink Deeply

November 30, 2003 Journal

Dear friends,

DRINK FROM YOUR OWN WELL. In the midst of Latin American Christians' struggle for justice and social transformation, a Peruvian theologian, Gustavo

Gutiérrez, wrote a book, Drink From Your Own Well, grounding all Christian social action in a deep spirituality, an intimate friendship with God that shapes all we do.

In Ediciones Lumbera, the Christian publishing ministry that I work with in Costa Rica, we are completing the last theme of this year's series. For 3 months we lifted up Jesus' invitation to participate in God's Reign of justice and new life. Then we followed the Exodus, the daily pilgimage of God's people as we seek to walk with our Lord. In this third theme, we remind people to drink deeply, using the spiritual exercises or disciplines that draw us near to God and help us to be faithful.With your help, these Sunday school materials continue to disciple believers in the churches of Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.

We at Ediciones Lumbrera are convinced that this ministry is in God's hands and for God's glory. At a human level, the situation looks a bit grim:The team of 5, already woefully understaffed, has been reduced to 3, as I left to care for my mother in Minneapolis, and Ruth Vindas will take this next year off to care for her new-born daughter and finish seminary.The program funds from International Ministries were cut by 50% this year and will be cut another 25% in 2004. Elisel and Tatiana, together with help from our secretary, Zeidy, are trying to write and edit materials, get them printed, do promotion and sales, and train teachers. It is overwhelming.But God is great, and as we draw our strength from God, we have hope.A highly respected advisor for small businesses has offered free help to Ediciones Lumbrera because he believes in what we are doing. With his guidance Tatiana and Elisel are interviewing people for a full-time sales position, an essential step toward self-sufficiency. We believe that God will provide the salary from people and churches committed to this ministry.

Thank you for your gifts.They mean so much to us as an affirmation of your faith in what God is doing through us.Thank you for your support of the World Mission Offering, which is that backbone of the entire mission program.

Prayer requests:

God's blessings to you all.


Ruth Mooney