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Nagaland Educators Visit Woodstock

October 23, 2009 Journal
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Organized through NBCC (Nagaland Baptist Church Council) by Evangeline Odyuo, education secretary, the group of ten educators from Nagaland spent time having a ‘Woodstock experience’ – walking the hills, visiting classes, eating lunch with students, seeing the students in action at the residence after school, having a session with the principal and talking with teachers.  They were well prepared with excellent questions about how things work here. An evening was spent sharing and reflecting on what they has seen and heard.  For some it was information overload and it would take time to process all that had been experienced.  Most of the educators had not been to this part of India before.  They were from large schools in towns as well as schools in remote rural areas in Nagaland.  Every school is a ministry with young people and their families.  Each situation is unique, large numbers of students in a city and smaller numbers working among people with very little and yet with the same purpose – to impart a good Christian education. 


What a joy for me to share the ministry at Woodstock with others with the hope that each would take away something that they could use to help in their school.  I was impressed that they saw beyond the facilities and resources at Woodstock to note the atmosphere and the interaction and relationships between the teachers and students.  The things I would call the ‘soft stuff’ – things that cannot be purchased or forced – positive relationships and respect for one another. The strong committment of the teachers and support staff. I was encouraged by the educator’s strong commitment to what they are involved in.  Some have very few resources and yet are committed to working with the students in their care.  A number are working with children who are the first generation having the opportunity to attend school.   I dream of being able to visit their schools one day.


Thank you as you continue to support the ministry at Woodstock School as it reaches out to share with others. Your support through the World Mission Offering reaches far beyond the classrooms at Woodstock School. It helps all ABC missionaries to reach out and share the Love of Christ.  Please consider prayerfully how you can share through the World Mission Offering.





October 2009