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Sand and Water at Family Learning Center in Thailand

October 19, 2009 Journal
What would kindergarten be without sand and water?  Well, we have it!  A kid's dad made these (see attachment) out of blue PCV water pipe and plastic storage boxes.  Aren't they cool?  Now we wish for a water wheel and pump.  We have salvaged bottles, cups, and jars. I've been able to make a "funnel".  A hole punched in the top of a  screw-on cap or the side of a bottle make interesting things possible. Found a strainer for a sieve.  I continue to scavenge and invent.
The children in kindergarten are 1.Chinese 2. Thai 3. Dutch/American 4. Thai/American.
We have fun comparing the four languages at times. Then I throw in Spanish.  It just gives us a laugh and an appreciation for the variety and complexity of languages.  You are more tolerant of others' struggles with your language when you try a new one.  Acceptance and respect for others is right up there with sharing in the kindergarten curriculum.
Friday is no school for a Thai holiday, Chulalongkorn Memorial Day or "The day of the beloved and great King of Thailand,"  You can google it if you are interested. 
 Live well, love deeply, learn more!