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October 11, 2009 Journal
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It has been three yeas since we first arrived in the UK. At the time all we  knew was that we were to work with Portuguese migrant speakers living in the Eastern and Central regions of England. We remember three years ago seating in the living-room of our flat in Brazil, during the time we stayed there getting prepared for our new adventure, trying to image how the ministry here would look like. It was a time of uncertainties and trepidation. Only we could do was trust that God was in the lead, and in fact He was!


He is the one who gave us grace, wisdom and strength to:


Be reaching out with God’s Word Portuguese speakers already in nine localities


To have already three congregations established in these localities


To see people coming to faith and being baptised


To promote integration between the Portuguese community and the locals


To run English classes for those want to learn the language


To set up four migrant support centres where people can access different kind of services.


Share friendship  and encouragement with those who find themselves  useless


Be able to help and  influence local authorities to deliver a better quality of services for those most vulnerable

At the moment we are full of gratitude for all that He has done. What has been happening in the last three years could only be the work of the God that in partnership with the church is doing great things over all the earth. We say in partnership with the church because he could do it on His own but he decided to give to his church the opportunity and privilege to partner with Him as He shows His love for the lost.

Your support through World Mission Offering as well as your targeted giving made all the things mentioned above to become reality. When you give to the WMO you become partners with God in what He is doing in the lives of many people in the world, like those here in the UK

We would like to thank you for all your support and for putting yourself forward willing to be part of what God is doing in the world. He is certainly in the lead.


Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno

IM Missionaries in the UK