International Ministries

Pray for Scott and Tan Coats

September 29, 2009 PrayerCall

Scott and Tan are jointly appointed missionaries of International Ministries and Mission to Unreached Peoples. From their home in Chiang Rai, Thailand, they engage in holistic leadership development ministries among the minority peoples that inhabit the hills of northern Thailand and neighboring countries. Scott is the founding director of the Mekong Minority Foundation (MMF).


Scott writes: Recently we worshiped at a church in a village located high in the hills just a few kilometers from the Lao border. It is large Hmong community made up of two groups of Hmong, those who are considered Thai nationals and a number of Hmong who are recent immigrants from across the border in Lao or even Vietnam. Apparently, most of the immigrants have come because of religious persecution. They became believers, some probably through Christian radio broadcasts, and have been harassed because of it. 

Several women came to us and asked that we visit them in their homes before we returned back to Chiang Rai. We agreed to visit a few of them. Well, after five hours of visiting from house to house, I was reeling with what I had seen and heard. In one case, a young mother knew that her recently deceased husband had died of AIDS and was wondering how many of her three small children were HIV positive.  In every case, abandoned mothers in traditional Hmong society have little place to turn. It’s taboo for parents to take them back as they have already left the clan to be a part of the husband’s. They are truly unwanted by anyone.

I was so encouraged by the pastor of this church. It is he and his congregation, representing the Christian church and its offer of love and concern for the whole family of believers that lives out the eternal hope we have in Jesus. These people have a lot to teach us. They truly know what it is to experience “Grace,” when they are able to have hope in what would seem a truly hopeless situation.