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Thailand Update September 2009

September 14, 2009 Journal
WEEK 1:  Setting up the classroom was an extreme, "Extreme Makeover".  Sorting, cleaning, hunting, inventing, unpacking, arranging, shopping, and organizing took all week with time out for staff meetings.

WEEK 2:  Three happy students and one never-been-away-from-mom, limited English student in Kindergarten.  Mentoring the first grade teacher as well.  I was exhausted on Friday evening!  But on Saturday I was up early and ready for a picnic and hike to a waterfall with friends from the school.

It's quick and easy to prepare a picnic lunch, pick up some sticky rice and chicken in plastic bags at the market, bottled water, a bunch of bananas and a kilo of mangosteen. You'll eat with your fingers sitting on a rock so no other prep is necessary. Use a big pickup truck with half the group riding in the back.  Climb up the mountain roads that are winding and narrow, but nicely paved. 

A waterfall is a great way to cool off in Thailand.  It's chilly but not icy water.  The hike to get to it is really good too.  The trail would be off the charts beyond "very rugged" in Indiana State Parks since not much of it is level with some steep and slippery stretches. Something like the very rugged trails at Turkey Run, but no one has constructed the ladders.  This one has a bonus as you climb higher up and around you come to yet another waterfall only a little smaller than the first.

WEEK 3:  Still looking for things that may not exist here, flannel for flannel graph board and tempera paint for example.  Students seem to be finding their "groove".  On Saturday we had a "family swim" for the whole school.  It was great fun!