International Ministries

Starting Relationships with Jesus Christ

December 3, 2006 Journal

Dear Partners in Ministry:

Winter approaches fast.The rice and feed corn are being harvested and some paddies are being prepared for soy beans. Our neighbors are sore from hard physical labor, yet there is a smile on their faces – the weather has been kind to them this year, good rains have given good crops and the opportunity for some extra.

This past month, we have had a number of specials, thank you for praying with us about the tract, we as a team used it and passed it out to others to use as well.It helped to generate some good conversations about the gospel and culture and we pray that it will help people see how Jesus is a part of their daily lives.

Living in rural communities gives new insight into Jesus' parable of the sower and the seed and we are preparing to teach this story to the new believers.They have been Christians for almost a year now and it will be interesting to hear how they see themselves in relation to Jesus' teaching.

The other night a new lady came to the worship service.She was actually coming over to the house to check on workers for the fields the next day but had heard about the services and was interested.She stayed for the prayer time and for dinner too.We hope she will come back again.We talked with the new believers about other people they were witnessing to and their hopes for some of their neighbors to become interested in the gospel.Outreach is probably overemphasized in a church led by missionaries but it is our passion and important for a young and small church.We pray constantly for more people to start a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are also planning how to have the first Christmas in the new fellowship.We pray, at this time of year, that you are also feeling the excitement of the arrival of the Christ Child in the hearts of each and every believer.

Prayer Points

With Love at Christmas,

Larry and Jan