International Ministries

Pray for Jill and Mike Lowery

August 11, 2009 PrayerCall

Jill and Mike work with the Congo Baptist Community (CBCO), continuing the efforts American Baptists began in the Congo more than a century ago.

Jill is currently involved in mission education, women's ministries and youth work. She has also been working with the women of CBCO both at the national and local levels. She is involved with organizing women's activities in Kinshasa and throughout Western Congo. Because the economic situation in the Congo makes life so difficult, Jill hopes that her ministry will have an impact on the lives of women and mothers as well as on the living conditions of their families.

Mike is a professor and administrator at the Pastor's Institute in Kikongo. He teaches New Testament and prepares pastors for rural ministry in the Bandundu region of Congo. Since 2004, Mike has also served as the Mission Treasurer and has relocated from Kikongo to Kinshasa. They recently completed their U.S./Puerto Rico Home Assignment.


Mike writes: Well, we are finally on our way back to Congo. We have passed physicals, endured numerous injections, reserved our seats and have been given the green light to return to our work. Now we just have to pack our bags !

To be totally honest, I wasn't sure that we'd be going back. I was sure that God was going to guide us. But, I wasn't sure where. When I told a pastor friend that we were counting on God to guide us through the raising of our support, he wisely said, "We need to pray that God's people will be obedient when He tells them to give". I hadn't really thought about that until then. But, wow, did you all come through !

Jill and I would like to thank all of you who prayed about supporting us and then were obedient to God's guidance. Through your obedience, God has shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt that our place is in Congo and that He still has work for us there.  He's also shown us what great love people have for Him, for His work and for us. It's been a really humbling, but encouraging, year.