International Ministries

Pray for Charles and Sarah West

July 14, 2009 PrayerCall

Charles serves with the Baptist Convention of Zambia in the areas of educational ministries and leadership development. He participates on the Central Executive Committee (CEC) in planning training sessions for church leaders & new church planters. He is also involved in the planning and staging of national evangelistic and outreach ministries. He serves on the “CEC Education Committee” to develop pastor and church leadership curriculum. The BCZ has 13 regions with 506 churches. Sarah works with vulnerable and exploited women and children at risk.

 They write: Back in 1997 when we left New Hampshire for South Africa, we asked you to partner with us in prayer as we left to minister in a new country in a new culture.  We left two of our older children in America, Candace and Charles II and asked that you would pray for their health, safety and overall well being.  As we lived and ministered in South Africa from 1997 – 2005, and Zambia from 2006 to now we have seen God’s faithfulness.  His word says to seek His kingdom and His righteousness and all those other things would be added.  Our children have truly been blessed as we saw Candace start and complete her PhD program and Charles II start and complete his Masters in Business Administration program. We have truly been blessed.

Chasah has just graduated from high school and will be leaving the nest in a few weeks.  She is excited about her new life ahead and all the opportunities that are open to her.  We are excited also, but as any parent can tell you, when their children fly the nest, even if only a few states away, apprehension sets in.  She will be on another continent about eight thousand miles from us, visits will be limited to once a year, we need your prayers. Caleb graduates next year, in 2010 and Charliese follows in 2012.  Africa is the only home they know so America will take some getting used to.  Chasah and Caleb will be attending a “Third Culture Kid” seminar in New York which should help with making the transition back to the US a little easier. Chasah has passed her drivers test in Zambia, and completed her International Baccalaureate Diploma with flying colors.  She is ready to go!