International Ministries

Challenges And Major Changes In Less Than 7 Days

May 25, 2004 Journal

Greetings from Prague,

Missionary Meeting & International Ministries Crisis

Just LAST WEEK we started our International Ministries Regional Missionary Meetings, which were held here in Prague. It was good to get to know the executive Director Hector Cortez, and meet our colleagues serving in Europe.THIS WEEK we are just by ourselves catching up with daily office work.

Moving and Storing

Just LAST WEEK we completed nearly four years of living in our spacious house near Prague. THIS WEEK we are moved to a smaller place that we will use for storage during our year of US deputation, while others will live in it, until we return from the US summer 2005. (currently we share the house) in anticipation of our departure a couple of months from now.

From Rolling Home to Compact Car

Just LAST WEEK we used our CamperVan (Motorhome/ passenger van), transporting a major part of the group of colleagues during the conference in Prague. THIS WEEK the Van has been sold in anticipation of our deputation year in the US starting just about two months. Now we move around Prague in our aging Czech compact car.

Borderless and Higher Taxes

Just LAST WEEK the Czech republic was still an independent country, with time consuming border checks in all directions. THIS WEEK it has become part of the EU (European Union) with 9 other countries. The borders of 24 countries in Europe are disappearing. Land locked Czech Republic is now completely surrounded by other EU member states. The government simultaneously raised taxes on prepared food and some other categories from 5 % to 19% (still 3% less than the usual 22% AVT on most other regular items).

Refocusing from Ministry in Europe to Ministry in the US

Until LAST WEEK our focus was on the conference, the packing, the storing, the move, the sale of the car; From THIS WEEK on, our focus is on finishing our ministry responsibilities in Europe for a one year break, preparing for our year of assignments in the US, Saying good bye‘s and starting to get mentally and practically ready for our time in the US.

Please pray that we get everything necessary taken care of before the Missionary and World Mission Conferences.

The Lord Bless you,

Pieter & Nora Kalkman