International Ministries

In the Hills of North India

February 9, 2006 Journal

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Woodstock School.

In late October and part of November I had a wonderful opportunity to travel with a group of 10 American Baptist woman, from a number of areas of the USA, through north India and Nepal on a mission encounter tour.What a joy it was for me to share this part of the world with them.They enriched my life as I saw things anew through their eyes. They are now sharing their experiences in churches.I hope you will be able to hear at least one of them as they seek to spread the news of what they learned as they traveled.

School has just re-opened after a two month winter vacation.It is wonderful to have the sound of young people about again.They have brought life to the buildings and the surroundings. Evenings are still quite chilly while the days have been full of sunshine.There has been almost no snow or rain this winter.It is very dry and there is concern about water in the taps and forest fires if there is no snow or rain before spring.

The week before school re-opened there were staff meetings to prepare for the start of the semester.As part of the staff meetings the chaplain shared devotions several mornings based on the Beatitudes on Matthew 5.The chaplain is a former Woodstock student who I had the privilege of teaching when he was in the middle school some years ago.He talked of salt and light and how people of God's kingdom (kingdom people) crave righteousness and the more we are aware of the condition of our soul the more merciful we become.Mourning is very normal in today's world and yet kingdom people can bring salt and light.A wonderful reminder to us all that by giving of ourselves we can let our light shine in the world that others may see and praise our Father in heaven.What a privilege it is to serve on this mountain top.

There were seven new students who began the semester at Woodstock. The students come from a variety of places and backgrounds.Two girls have come from the USA.The family of one of the girls has moved to India.The other girl is the child of a Woodstock graduate and wanted to have some time studying in India.One girl is from Germany and another from Bangladesh. The girls are all in high school. The boys are all in the middle school.One had a brother graduate from Woodstock several years ago and he is now ready to have a similar experience.The family of another boy moved to India from the USA. After some time studying in the Indian educational system, they now want him to study in a school which will prepare him to return to the USA for university.The other boy comes from a group of islands in the Indian Ocean.Imagine moving to the mountains and a cold climate!His brother and sister studied at Woodstock in the 1990's.The seven are a wonderful group of young people – very positive and Debra Mulneix and Cathy Holmeseager to meet the challenges ahead.Please pray for them as they make the many adjustments to boarding school and being away from home.Pray that they will make friends quickly and feel at home among the other 452 students who have come from 24 countries.Through your prayers and financial support you touch the lives of these young people.

Have you ever thought about coming to India on a short (2 week) mission encounter trip to share with and encourage others?Rev. Taku Longkumer will be bringing a group in April to attend a gathering of Baptists and share in several churches in north India.I will be traveling with the group within India. If God is nudging you to share with others please contact Taku at to find out more about this wonderful opportunity.

Please pray that the light that God has shared with me will so shine that others will see and praise God.Please also pray for strength and graciousness for me as I work with prospective families and students seeking admission to Woodstock for the next school year.Pray for the group that will visit in April to

share with and learn from Baptists in this part of the world.

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch and have been praying for me and the ministry here.Your encouragement is much appreciated.