International Ministries

I Was a Stranger

October 6, 2004 Journal

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the hills of north India.Fall has arrived with the days getting shorter, magnificent sunsets and cold evenings.

Thank you to those of you who have already made a difference by giving to the World Mission Offering.For those of you have not yet shared of what you have I ask you to prayerfully consider doing so.So many lives around the world are touched by what you share.

This last week has been amazing!A week ago a call came from the school gate that a family had arrived and was inquiring about admission.They were invited in and the work piled on the desk was put aside. Information about Woodstock was shared and a school tour was given – the usual procedure.The mother of the two children began to share why they were here now and not before school started in July and also why she would like to have the children considered for places and, if found qualified, join school soon.(Woodstock usually does not take new students mid semester.)The family comes from a small country in eastern Africa.Mrs. R has come to India to work with a humanitarian organization in an unsettled area where she cannot have the children with her due to security concerns.It normally takes two to three weeks from the time a student applies for a place at Woodstock until a decision is made regarding admission.This family could not wait!They were given papers to complete and asked to return the next day for an admission test and interview.Though it was the day before a holiday and excitement was running high among the students and staff as they prepared for a long weekend, times opened for a number of colleagues to talk with the prospective family when they returned the next day. After the admission tests and interviews Mrs. R and the children returned to Delhi with the assurance that a decision regarding the applications would be made soon.That afternoon, just after many of the teachers and students left for the long weekend, those who had talked with the family met and after reviewing the application papers and having a good discussion, decided to offer places for the children now!By the next morning I was able to communicate with the family, back in Delhi by that time, through email and fax to assure them that both children could begin this week!Today was the first day of school for A and K in grade eight and nine – just one week after the phone call sharing that there was a family at the gate!God's hand reached out and cleared the way for this family so in need of an appropriate school for the children now.Please pray for A and K.They are now studying totally in English for the first time. They have missed nine weeks of school and will have much catching up to do while also making new friends and adjusting to be away from home.It was only two weeks ago that they landed in India – a new country for them far away from their homeland.

Does your contribution to the World Mission Offering make a difference?YES!

Through your missionary at Woodstock School you have touched the lives of this African family who came looking for a place for the children to study in a safe friendly atmosphere and were welcomed and taken in.

I was a stranger…..Matthew 25:35-40

Please continue your prayer and financial support for the work of International Ministries through the American Baptist Churches.What you do does make a difference!