International Ministries

Grow in His Christian Walk

May 18, 2004 Journal

John is fourteen years old and is completing grade eight. He joined Woodstock in 2001. He comes from a nearby country where ‘churches' are not allowed. His father works for the government and his mother is an administrative assistant. They are tent makers meeting with others in various homes to share their faith and encourage one another.

They chose Woodstock for John because he was being discriminated against, at school in the city where the family lives, because he is a Christian. They want John to continue to grow in his Christian walk and be encouraged while getting a good education. John's parents get a partial scholarship to help with the fees Two boys from Woodstock (not John)and also live very simply to make it possible for John to attend Woodstock School. John enjoys sports and actively participates in almost every sport Woodstock has to offer from cricket to basketball.