International Ministries

Greetings from Woodstock School

November 30, 2001 Journal

The first semester of the 2001 - 2002 school year has ended. The semester was a busy one with what seemed like constant activity from the time school began in late July until the students left for home in early December.  My work in the admissions office continues to bring me in touch with many prospective families considering Woodstock for their children.   It is a joy to spend time talking with them and learning why they are interested in having their children attend Woodstock.   Many come seeking a Christian education and the values that are taught in a Christian"mso-spacerun: ye  Others come seeking a worldview for their children, as they would be studying with children from many countries around the world as well as with children of many religious backgrounds.  For some learning English is of great importance.  

There is unity in diversity at Woodstock.  There are students who come from of 23 countries and whose parents reside in many countries, which are not their home country.  Students from various religious backgrounds live and study together.   There is respect and appreciation for all.  

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