International Ministries

Alexis, the Missionary Kid

November 20, 2005 Journal

Alexis is an 8 year old boy from Emaus Baptist Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.Alexis has always being a very responsible Christian and his offering and tithes are always on time at church.One Sunday morning his pastor Rev. Robert Bueno, was announcing the collection of the World Mission Offering and explained what it was for and how the church can help and gave Alexis his "World Mission Piggy Bank" for him to collect for the WMO. This is Alexis.

Alexis went home and spoke to his brother Armando and his sister Raysell about the collection he was making. He asked them to please give him during that week the "allowance" that their parents use to give them weekly. Of course, his brother and sister laughed at him and did not give him anything. Alexis was very sad, but did not give up! He went around his neighborhood and collected as much as he could…next Sunday the Pastor reminds the church about the World Mission Offering and Alexis brought with him his piggy bank and it was the highest amount of all the offerings collected at church.

Alexis' effort should be an example for us.He is a Dominican kid with the same needs as many others, but these needs did not stop him from collecting for others that were in worst conditions than his.

When our pastors talk about the WMO, think about Alexis and all his efforts to give something for the relief of others.