International Ministries

Pray for Terry and Tom Myers

April 14, 2009 PrayerCall

Terry and Tom minister in Bulgaria. Tom and our partners in Bulgaria are developing ways to help families by creating long-term solutions to the problems of unemployment, while ministering to the families' immediate needs. Terry is involved in teaching English to a group of teenage orphans and is also involved in developing markets for handicrafts made by the women of the Baptist churches.


Tom writes: One of the major issues facing many of the churches in Bulgaria is the difficulty they have in paying the pastor an adequate salary. It is my prayer that by helping individuals in the churches create better lives for themselves we can also build a foundation on which the local church can grow. I have been working with several families to help them start small dairies.  While the progress has been slower than anticipated, it is my hope that by July each of the three dairies will have completed all the requirements to allow them to receive a higher price for their milk which will make a big difference in their lives. 

Another family living in north central Bulgaria is growing wheat and sunflowers.  During our second year in Bulgaria a tractor was purchased with One Great Hour of Sharing funds, and it is this tractor that is once again being put to use.
these projects and others are just small steps to providing better lives for families. With time and hard work I hope and pray they will be the stepping stones to seeing these village churches able to support their pastor and to reach out and minister in greater ways in their communities.