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April 16, 2009 Journal
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Yesterday marked another mile point on what has become an undefined period of transition in my life-undefined in the sense that I am not sure I could identify when it or when the transition might end.

Yesterday I left Oregon. Today I am in California. Next week I will head to Pennsylvania to begin several weeks of orientation and preparation for the next leg of this missionary journey.

Today, unexpectedly, in the midst of my journey I was gifted with a prayer retreat. I’ve been in need of one for quite some time because the truth is that living in transition can be exhausting. Some days it feels like life has become a labyrinth with no center and no end.

Today on my prayer retreat I entered my first labyrinth. It was an incredible experience and couldn’t have been a more fitting symbol of my current state. Now, to be perfectly honest, when I saw the labyrinth, I liked the symbolic parallels to my own life so much that I decided that I would selfishly pray for myself while walking the labyrinth. I couldn’t have been more surprised to discover that God had different plans for me in this particular labyrinth.

I found myself instead praying for three friends who also serve in ministry as I entered the dizzying twists and turns (well, perhaps the lines cut on the lawn weren't that dizzying but you get the idea). I became dizzy from relentless stream of begging, pleading, arguing with God to fix the tough stuff in their lives. But, as I reached the center my prayers gave way to a single request, that God be the center of their lives and ministries, the foundation on which they stand. As I left the center I offered prayers of thanksgiving for the amazing ways that God has used those individuals.

In praying for my friends I discovered my own simple prayer request in the midst of the dizzying twists and turns of the labyrinth of life in transition. I pray that in the midst of the process I am faithful in laying my pleas and petitions before God, in keeping God as the steadfast center, and in giving thanks for the incredible ways that I discover God at work in and around me. I pray the same for you as you wind your way through this labyrinth we call life.

With you on the journey,