International Ministries

Bucky and Carole Sydnor

March 24, 2009 PrayerCall

Bucky and Carole serve as development workers in Nepal, a country where they previously served from 1978 to1987. They relate informally with individuals and churches in the rapidly growing Nepal Baptist Church Council, in areas of discipleship and leadership development.

Bucky works as the international relations coordinator for Human Development and Community Service (HDCS), a non-governmental Christian organization based in Kathmandu. HDCS is committed to holistic mission in Nepal, and focuses on the great need for social ministries such as health, education, and community development. Carole also works with HDCS, helping to coordinate language and orientation of the international staff who come to work with HDCS. In addition, she teaches English and a discipleship class in a 12 week training program.


They write: Andrew Rogness notes: "Jesus didn’t ask for someone to save the whole world. Instead, He used a simple image – a harvest, which in those days was done by hand – one bunch of grapes, an ear of corn, an olive, one after another painstaking and steadfast, bit by bit until it adds up to a whole harvest. These are the deeds of mercy and compassion Jesus calls for. When Einstein was asked what he thought was the greatest invention of modern man, he replied whimsically, 'compound interest.'  He knew the power of adding a little bit each day and how that builds over time. Deeds of mercy compound daily."


These words took my thoughts to my friends, missionaries from Nagaland to Nepal. Then my thoughts went back farther. When we came to Royersford Baptist church in 1988, two of its members were Bob and Helen DeLano. Now deceased, they were International Ministries' missionaries to Nagaland many decades ago, making sacrifices to serve there, leaving the field without seeing much fruit from their labor.


Yet over the years, deeds of mercy and compassion done by others compounded daily, from the time of the DeLanos to the present. The fruit of them has been that Nagaland has been sending missionaries to Nepal, and other places, for over a decade now, and some of them, Akhole, Yamboni, and Ashenu, I have had the privilege to serve with side by side.


Rogness closes the devotion for that day with this: "The interest of compassion compounds. I am only one, but I am one among many."