Posted on July 1, 2021 Prayers for a Volunteer

As the world is still battling with Covid-19, and some parts of the world are slowly opening up, the STM desk is blessed to be sharing some wonderful reflections from Brienzi D., a young adult volunteer who is currently on the field serving in Thailand until December 2021.

“The waiting period in Bangkok was a bit double-sided. I was thankful for the time to rest after such an intense academic year, and for time to reflect and prepare my heart for the months ahead. However, it also gave me time to overthink and get really nervous about all that is to come, so I was so glad to be out and really begin the transition process. It was weird to be in a nice, clean hotel with good, full meals delivered to my room three times a day, especially as I have been doing a lot of reading about walking with and serving the poor. It definitely felt like a contradiction to be sitting in a hotel room in Bangkok while writing about the importance of accompanying the poor in hard-to-reach places. I have really appreciated reading Gracias by Henri Nouwen. It is his journal from a 6 months period he spent in Latin America. It has been so encouraging and helpful as I wrestle with the tension of being a cultural outsider, coming from a powerful country like the US, but desiring to learn and listen well. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!
The past week has been filled with meeting new people, learning some of the ropes behind the New Life Center, adjusting to life with my host family, finding my way around Chiang Mai and my neighborhood, practicing Thai, and even an overnight trip to some mountain villages. It is hard to believe I’ve truly only been here 7 days!   I’ve attached some pictures for you to get a better glimpse of life here”
Please keep her in your prayers. The STM desk is working in close relationship with volunteers and Global Servants to bring support and prayers to their ministries and for the world.