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Pray for David and Leslie Turley, helping to spread the Good News of Jesus in Japan.

February 29, 2012

David and Leslie Turley serve on the island of Okinawa, Japan. David works with the Okinawa Baptist Convention, teaching Bible classes, doing pulpit supply, and working in leadership development. Leslie is an administrator at Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI), and also assists with convention activities.

Leslie writes: David and I come from a state with a lively and wonderful state church camp tradition.  So when we came to Okinawa and found out there was a Baptist Camp here on the island, we were intrigued and anticipatory.  On our first journey there, we were not disappointed.  Nestled back off the road into a wooded area, were beautiful grounds with cabins and a chapel and to our wonder, a path that led to what must be the most beautiful beach on Okinawa.

We were hooked!  We have gone many times as a family and have gone with church groups.  Now we find ourselves on camp committees responsible for keeping the camp for the upkeep of the camp and one for the eventual rebuilding of several of the buildings.  

The camp was the idea of Ed Bollinger, a former International Ministries missionary to Okinawa.  He found the land and was behind the purchase of it as a camp on Okinawa.  Since that time it has housed thousands, Japanese and Americans alike, and has been the place where many have made a decision for Christ and where many choose to be baptized.  

The current caretakers are Mr. and Mrs. Kawamitsu who have been there for nine years.  I spoke with Mrs. Kawamitsu recently and she recalled that she had just become caretaker when a group of 12 women from American Baptist Churches in the US came to visit Japan and Okinawa in 2003.  She remembers how they encouraged her so much as she was reaching out in sharing the Good News to her husband and also remembers the tears rolling down her face as they prayed with and for her.  He later made a profession of faith and was baptized.  Mr. and Mrs. Kawamitsu will be stepping down next year in March. 

We invite you to come and help keep things going at the camp.  The recent earthquake in Tohoku has meant that funds slated for other work at the camp and other places here on Okinawa have gone for relief efforts there. There is much work to be done.

In a country with less that 4% of the population professing Christianity, we know that God is working at Baptist Camp Hokuzanso. 

·        We ask that you pray for the Kawamitsu family and the new caretakers, the office staff, the camp committee as well as all those who use the camp.

·        Thank you for partnering with us by praying for us.

·        Pray for David and Leslie and their family as they continue to serve Christ in Japan.