Posted on June 7, 2019 Pray for Stan Slade, Global consultant, helping church leaders in the understanding and communication of the Scripture.

Stan is a teacher whose “classroom” might be located almost anywhere in the world. Whether leading a workshop for pastors with almost no formal schooling or serving as a visiting professor with doctoral students in high-tech classrooms, Stan is passionate about helping church leaders become more effective servants of Christ, especially in the area of understanding and communicating the message of Scripture. 

Stan writes – The next few months are full of wonderfully overwhelming service opportunities:  June includes teaching online as well as in Ecuador and speaking in Virginia Beach and Chicago; July includes teaching online, as well as wonderful time with family and friends and teaching in Mexico; August includes teaching in Ethiopia and speaking in South Korea; September includes teaching in Nicaragua and speaking in the U.S., October includes speaking in India.  I am grateful that I simply get to join what God and God’s people are already doing in each place, but… only the Lord will be able to take these various opportunities and make my contribution genuinely useful for the work God is up to!  So, prayer is essential. 

I am very grateful for faithful supporters and very encouraged by the growth in our network of support/MPN.  Truly.  God has surprised me over and over with the generosity of God’s people, who have invested in making this ministry possible.  At the same time, I still have a long way to go, with committed support at about 65%, looking forward.  So, even as my MPT & I give thanks for the Lord’s provision so far and pray that the Lord will provide even more abundantly in the future, we are eager for others to pray along with us! 

(From Susan Rhodes, member of IM’s Global Prayer Team.)  

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