Posted on December 5, 2018 Pray for Patti and Tim Long ministering for Christ in the midst of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. now waiting in Tijuana, Mexico.
Patti and Tim Long

Patti and Tim serve in Baja California, Mexico. Patti ministers as a special education teacher and resource specialist at the Monte Horeb Baptist Grade School in Tijuana, a school that reaches out to the most vulnerable of the city’s young population, its children with special needs. Tim serves in leadership development with the Baja Baptist Seminary of Mexicali, teaching present and future church leaders in Baja California, México; and with IM partners in the Dominican Republic. He also serves as on-site coordinator and professor in Palmer Seminary’s MTS online Spanish language program.

Tim writes – We are all quite well and keeping very busy as usual with our ministries. Specifically please pray for all of the driving and travels on our regular agenda — Patti crossing the border at least three times a week to teach and coordinate Special Education in Tijuana and my weekly trips to Mexicali where I continue to spend from Monday thru Wednesday teaching at the Seminary.

In addition my responsibilities in Palmer´s on-line Masters in Spanish have increased as I teach a course and serve as coordinator for two new groups we hope to start in 2019 (Mexicali 2 in March and Dominican Republic in August).  I will be making three or four trips to the Dominican Republic each year for ministry, there — next one planned for end of January and beginning of February.

There are now at last 6 thousand migrants — many, many of whom are children — camped out in Tijuana or staying in facilities with some roof.  Two of our churches serve as shelters and a number of others make regular visits to the migrant camps for ministry.  The situation is not good for these thousands of migrants, many of whom are Mexicans forced out of their lands because of drug wars, but now the majority are from Central American countries, especially Honduras.

It is quite cold now in Tijuana and the migrants are not prepared nor is there enough food and shelter for them — we strive to help as possible and as donations arrive.  As you are aware, there is a direct way to help with monetary donations through the IM website.  Please pray — this is a complex, ever-changing situation, but so important to keep our eyes, hearts and hands focused on how we can serve these asylum seekers who are in dire need.