Posted on January 31, 2018 Pray for Mayra Giovanetti and Carlos Bonilla, redirected to Columbia for ministry of discipleship formation and training of church leaders.

They write –

We dream of serving in Colombia starting later this year. We have projects to share with many in Colombia very soon; with the Wayuu, and also in the rest of Iberoamerica and the Caribbean through the Bible study materials we have prepared. We are willing to support and accompany wherever God may lead us, especially if there is such a need among vulnerable indigenous groups in Colombia. If God wants us to serve our sisters and brothers there, we are trusting that He will open the door and provide for our needs as well. Hence, the challenge we face is to bounce back to 100% physically, spiritually, and financially before setting a departure date. The financial challenge is particularly great due to recent events in Puerto Rico.

God knew our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico were going to be hit hard by Hurricane María; and not just them. All of the global servants supported by the Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico have been affected by the overall financial crisis in the island; it existed before the Hurricane and has only worsened after last September 20th. And yet, they continue to pray for us at 100%, and out of their sacrificial giving, continue to provide support to all of us, but not what they had provided in years past.

Therefore, we trust God is already nudging those He will call to support our being able to regain our 100%. This means learning patience to determine our departure date. Your financial support commitment to undergird our mission society’s investment in our ministry to Colombia is appreciated. We trust, are patient, and committed… God bless you!!!