Posted on April 23, 2020 Pray for Madeline Flores-Lopez ministering in the Dominican Republic in the Covid 19 pandemic.

Madeline serves as mission coordinator for volunteers from the U.S. and Puerto Rico. She identifies teams’ strengths and matches them with service opportunities that empower, educate and help them grow in their own faith. Much of Madeline’s mission work takes place in the severely impoverished bateyes (bah-tays) communities. Teams meet local needs by bringing supplies such as food, clothes and bedding. They also set up medical clinics; offer training in hygiene, birth control and domestic violence prevention; and lead Vacation Bible School programs. In Cuba, Madeline works with the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention and the churches in the Jiguani district in Granma. 

Madeline writesThis Pandemic situation has put us in a situation of what missions really is about…is the same with church. Churches had to reinvent their way of being church. Is not the structure, is us! Same with missions, is not the situation is us! We are still missionaries in the field, and the field is still out there…what are we going to do? Serve! How? Find your ways according to your communities…God has given us the tools and He walks with us.  We have to be His hands, feet, eyes and mouth at this time! 

Trying to serve in times of pandemia is not easy. You do not want to be contaminated, you want to be able to help and serve others. This is a new time for new ways of doing missions. Call your partners and ask how they are doing? how are the churches, pastors, communities. They know their people, they can tell you the truth, their needs, their struggles. Ask them how they are doing their services on Sundays? Weekdays? Let them know you care for them and their communities. Join their “zoom, whatsapp, Facebook live” services, prayers, Bible studies, etc. Supporting them is doing missions too. Is not only giving but also being there! 

Here in the Dominican Republic is not different from other parts of the world…quarantine, desperation, isolation, is part of our life now. We want this to finish soon, so we need to “stay home” and do our part. Keep us in your prayers as we also pray for the world and this critical situation of COVI-19.