Posted on June 7, 2017 Pray for Lee Ann and Gordon Hwang reaching out to the youth of Yokohama, Japan, in the name of Jesus

Gordon and Lee Ann are serving in Yokohama, Japan. Gordon exercises gifts of service and hospitality. Gordon hosts a weekly fellowship meeting in their home. Lee Ann works full-time as an English conversation teacher for junior and senior high students at Soshin Girls’ School. She also has opportunities to influence students in two clubs, through the foreign exchange programs, speaking in chapel and with their home-fellowship meetings. Gordon and Lee Ann continue to visit and encourage pastors ministering to survivors of the 2011 earthquake disaster in Tohoku (NE Japan).

They write: According to one of the Japanese teachers, summer has already started in Japan, but we’re enjoying spring-like weather! This summer, It looks like we will be in Seattle about a month. Please ask God to guide us in our schedule. There are so many people we want to see!

Fourteen girls are involved in this year’s English speech contest. Ten girls have been practicing speeches about people important in the history of Soshin. Ask God to make the faith of these people real to them. Ask God to use the testimonies of these saints to inspire them to put their faith in Jesus!

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Please pray for the kids