Posted on June 7, 2019 Pray for Larry and Rebecca Stanton serving in Hungary and Eastern Europe in service to immigrants and refugees, education and discipleship.

Larry and Becky are currently serving with International Ministries partners Hungarian Baptist Aid and the Baptist Union of Hungary. Becky works with schools in the eastern region of the country, primary and elementary community schools in Téglás and a technical high school in Debrecen. Larry assists Serbian Baptist churches in Stara Moravica and Paçer with their service to the community and to refugees along the Balkan route. Larry and Becky’s three daughters attend local schools, learning Hungarian and teaching English as only children can. 

They write Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Larry was able to help Pastor Zoltán’s church deliver over 80 care packages to those in need in Serbia.  

Here is Zoltán’s thanks Before Easter, 82 more food packages were allocated to the needy. Our Loyal Packers did not rest until everything was in place! Over 70, big families got first. Larry Stanton, Becky May Stanton supporters gave the fund, and we were in logistics, visiting the “hands”. 

God has given us much more than that, for you. Son, the only one! 

They also writeEleven days, 2,500 miles, 14 events…Larry went all over the Cornhusker State! 

Larry enjoyed meeting new church families and sharing our stories. As you probably know, Larry and I are Midwesterners. He felt totally at home and welcomed, from Omaha to the western border near Wyoming, steps away from the Rockies. 

With these visits, we pray there will be churches and individuals who join us in our ministry, beginning a long and mutually fruitful relationship that partnership brings. I can’t wait to go there with him, hopefully taking our girls to see Pioneer’s Village and places that I saw with my folks as a kid–and frankly thought I might never see again. 

We thank the Lord for this trip, and we ask you to join us in praying for our work here in Hungary, Serbia and beyond to be pleasing to Him.