Posted on November 27, 2019 Pray for Kristy Engel, IM’s Global Consultant for Health Care Issues.

Kristy Engel is a pediatric nurse practitioner who as a global consultant focuses on the health of individuals worldwide.  She is about to embark on a ministry journey with two women from Australia.  Hands Around the World will be a two-month journey.  This ministry opportunity will allow Kristy, Meg and Aleisha to meet with local leaders in six countries.  They will be learning about healthy outreach models and how to participate in these models.  This team would appreciate your prayers for safety, health, endurance, building relationships and open hearts and minds to what they will learn.

Many of us will be sitting together with family and friends very soon to celebrate Christmas. We will be in the comfort of our homes over the next few months.  Please lift these women in prayer.  There will be personal challenges for them as individuals and as a team.  They will see the challenges that people around the world face daily.  Please pray for the Hands Around the World ministry trip.

(Submitted by Susan Rhodes member of the IM Prayer Network.