Posted on December 12, 2018 Pray for Kim Brown ministering to the needs of tribal people in Thailand in the name of Jesus.

Kim works with a team of indigenous leaders to manage a multi-faceted response to the needs of tribal peoples: HIV/AIDS prevention education, care for those who are HIV+ (including the House of Love for women and children affected by AIDS), ministry to people with disabilities, youth ministry and education and economic development work among migrants in locations spanning from traditional villages to urban slums. Kim carries out her ministry in relationship with the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention.

Kim writes – Our House of Love (HOL) students are fully immersed in their second semester studies. Please be praying for diligence to do their best at school. And a praise from HOL –the 4 young women who helped as mentors at a Christian youth camp had a wonderful experience as they served in this new role. Our House of Blessing (HOB) children are back from their school break and have started working on the Christmas program songs. This year, the celebration will be held at one of the churches in the slums where the children live. Please pray for us to have a good witness as we proclaim Christ during this Christmas season.

We need your prayers for the Center for the Development of Persons with Disabilities (CDPD. We will be making some personnel cuts, and Saylo and I need God’s wisdom in this matter. Thank you for praying!

Another request-our new director, Yuleybeh, is approaching her 3-month evaluation and we really want to pray for God’s wisdom to move ahead. She said she is feeling responsible for the children’s spiritual development 24/7-and this feels like a lot. She knows God is an easy taskmaster, and his burden is light-but she is feeling like the job comes with lots and lots of responsibility. I am encouraged though, as Yuleybeh was sharing with me that she left home at 13 to attend school, and her parents taught her that prayer would need to be an important part of her life. No matter how lonely, or alone one felt, God was always present, and always reliable. What a wonderful lesson to share with the HOL kids now too!

I am thankful for the good friendships that I have here in Thailand, and I look forward to having a special meal with my fellow missionaries, Jeni and Kit