Posted on June 21, 2017 Pray for Kim Brown ministering in the name of Jesus to the needs of the children of Thailand’s ethnic minorities

Kim’s work includes overseeing three Christ-like ministries for tribal people who are coping with the problems caused by AIDS, disabilities, and migration from their traditional villages to urban slums through the ministry of Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation (IMEMF).The Thailand Karen Baptist Convention sponsors these ministries:

The House of Love is a home for women and children. This includes women who had been sold into prostitution, AIDS orphans, and children taken out of their homes by the Social Welfare Department because of abuse. Some of the residents do not have Thai citizenship and have few rights in Thailand.

The Christian Center for the Development of People with Disabilities reaches out to families who are caring for disabled in tribal villages. The disabled are often hidden away. This project is designed to help the disabled reach their full potential and be accepted within their families and communities.

The House of Blessing Day Care Center provides a safe place for children who live in the slums to come during the day. It prepares children to enter Thai schools, and also works to strengthen their families.

Kim writes: While families in America are preparing to finish up the school year and start summer holidays, here in Thailand we are back in school after our March-April hot season break.  Our students at the House of Love (HOL) House of Blessing (HOB) and Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD) have all been in the classrooms for at least a week!  Education is important, and at all the projects, we help our students to achieve their academic goals-including attending university.  As we start this new school year, I thought you might be encouraged by hearing how our six university graduates are doing. Their lives represent lots of prayer and financial support over many many years, and I am so grateful for each person who has invested time and money into these young adults!  Praise God!

Ahjai graduated with a double major in construction engineering and education, and has spent the past few years teaching at a technical school, but just this year has started his own construction consultation and oversight company.                                          
also has a double major in electrical engineering and education, and has been teaching at his former high school to be able to encourage poor tribal kids who have troubled lives like he had.  He feels this is his mission.

Mai graduated with a degree in Japanese, and was able to spend a semester in Japan to solidify her Japanese language.  She now is in Australia studying English, with plans to enter a Master’s program there.
Sang-ngern graduated at the end of May with a degree in Japanese.  She is finishing her internship as an interpreter at one of the hospitals (there are lots of Japanese tourists here in Chiang Mai!).  She is looking to work as an interpreter in some capacity.

Pai just graduated in health education and is still looking for a teaching position.  Meanwhile, she is really enjoying her job as a veterinarian assistant.

Sirintip has her early childhood education degree, and is teaching special needs children at one of the local schools


Prayer points

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I will be returning to the US for a 3-month time of sharing and updating.  I considering making a new video-please pray for the feasibility of this whole process.  Thank you!