Posted on May 21, 2019 Pray for Jill and Mike Lowery ministering in the name of Jesus to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Jill and Mike work with the Baptist Community of Congo (CBCO), continuing the efforts that American Baptists began in the Democratic Republic of the Congo more than a century ago. Mike serves as pastor of the International Church of Kinshasa, which has a long history of serving English speakers in the capital city. Jill works with Mitendi Women’s Center and Mitendi Primary School, ministering to marginalized and vulnerable young women and children. She is also an advisor to the National Women’s Ministries staff of CBCO. 

Mike writes – A few years ago I began serving as the pastor of the International Protestant Church of Kinshasa. It’s an historic church that was originally founded in 1915 to serve the English-speaking internationals in the Congo. As our congregation began to grow, we found it more and more difficult to share our facilities with a local French-speaking congregation and the elders felt that God was moving us to a new location. We chose a verse from Exodus that reminded us that God would guide us with clouds by day and fire by night and if He moved then we needed to move with Him. As we prayed about what God would have us do, doors began to open. 

The first real indication for us that God was moving us was the donation of land to the church. We had searched all over the city but could not find land that we could afford. After months of searching, the leader of the Protestant churches in Congo offered to give us a parcel of land at no cost. It was the perfect size parcel located in the center of town and the church said, “I guess God is leading.” 

Over the next few years built the church in three phases: A sanctuary for worship, Sunday school classes for our children, and finally, a fellowship hall for social events. We have been blessed at every stage to see God provide in miraculous ways. He has been faithful to his calling and we have benefited at every step. 

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday and we celebrated the completion of the building project. We are so grateful to God for providing a place for us to worship and to grow. We look forward to the great ways that he will use our church to minister to the community and to be a light to the world. God is truly faithful. Thank you for your prayers and support.