Posted on July 17, 2019 Pray for Jeni Pedzinski serving young tribal women in Thailand who are at risk for human trafficking.

Jeni serves on the leadership team at the New Life Center Foundation (NLCF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Established in 1987, the New Life Center serves young ethnic minority (tribal) women who are at risk for, or survivors of, human trafficking, forced labor and sexual abuse. NLCF residents are provided with shelter, education, vocational and life skills training and legal assistance. Special therapeutic activities for survivors include comprehensive art, dance and music therapy and individual counseling. With degrees in development and Christian theology, Jeni provides administrative support, Christian discipleship and financial literacy training to NLCF staff and program beneficiaries. In collaboration with the NLCF’s senior staff, she writes grants, oversees the monitoring and evaluation of program outcomes and assists with public relations.

Jeni writes – I continue to work full-time to support the local staff on the front lines of trafficking prevention and after-care for survivors of exploitation and trauma. It is my great joy to work alongside these capable, committed women. Showing compassion by turning toward (not away) and reaching out to those who are hurting is our costly privilege.