Posted on May 7, 2019 Pray for J.D. and Rhonda Reed serving in health and development ministries and training Christian leaders in Bolivia.
JD and Rhonda Reed

J.D. and Rhonda Reed have served in Bolivia since July 2011. J.D is a regional consultant for Theological Education throughout Iberoamerica and the Caribbean. He is the administrative coordinator for the Masters of Theological Studies Latino/a Ministries Program (MTS) for Palmer Seminary of Eastern University. He works with IM partners and global servants to help train pastors and church leaders throughout the region. Rhonda is a nurse (BSN) who oversees the House of Hope (Proyectos Esperanza) in the cities of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. House of Hope encompasses an array of health and development ministries led by local churches focusing on urban ministries to families and at-risk women and children.

They write – Here in Bolivia, we are excited to have a group of students that are participating in the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) in Latino/a Ministries program through Palmer Seminary and International Ministries.  In March, we had our second-year residency for the eleven students that are a part of the program who live in the cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. This cohort is a part of over 70 students in Latin America studying in the program.  They live in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico.  The MTS is a two-year program that is fully online and fully in Spanish.  It is meeting a massive need to train pastors and leaders in Latin America to keep up with the amazing growth that the evangelical church is experiencing in the region.  As a part of their week, they were asked to share with us how this program has impacted them through the first year.  One of our female students, Febe, says: “What I have learned in this time answers many of my doubts at an academic and ministerial level but above all at an intimate personal level.  [So far] every answer has arrived at the precise moment [I needed it]. I am not alone, nor am I the worst, much less the best, I am part of a great whole.”

In March, a team of twenty students and leaders joined us at the House of Hope to work with a local indigenous congregation and help them finish a building project.  This team is the third team that has visited this church since the fall to help them finish the building before their church anniversary in July.  Congregación Bautista El Abra in the El Abra community is on the outskirts of Cochabamba.  The team came to do some brickwork, site cleanup, and prep and assisted the church in pouring a cement floor in two children’s Sunday School rooms.

The team saw a possible glimpse into what heaven might look like on the final evening as we returned to the job site to celebrate and to give thanks with the church for what God had accomplished during the week.  The service was in English, Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and Portuguese languages and all that were there had a wonderful time as we celebrated together what God had done.

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