Posted on May 8, 2020 Pray for Ingrid Roldan-Roman ministering in discipleship, education and health and wellness in Panama.

Ingrid works with the social extension of the Centro Teológico Bautista del Caribe Panameño (Baptist Theological Center of the Panamanian Caribbean) in the community of Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, Panamá. She directs a tutoring and feeding program for elementary and high school students who have fallen behind in their studies. The program is held at Ingrid’s house, and many of the students come from a nearby slum that is without running water and electricity, and where the houses have mud floors and walls made from bamboo. She works with the students and their relatives in evangelism, social development and pastoral care. 

She writes – Greetings! 

I have been making use of connecting to spaces offered by the Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Salvador to have spiritual refreshment these days in the Spanish language. 

I have been preparing Easter material such as puzzles, coloring drawings, explanatory material of Easter events at the level of elementary and high school students, crossword puzzles and others. We have brought them house by house to our students and their families. Quarantine here is very serious. Women go out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The men Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sundays, everyone at home. In this Holy Week everyone is at home on Saturday and Sunday. We can only go out for two hours if we have something to do on the street. Here in Changuinola we have several hospitalized cases. 

My prayers and I think that of all the people are that the risen God who is active in the midst of his people gives each one of us in the missionary field the right words to encourage the people where we serve.  They ask – Missionary where is God in all this? How are we going to survive if we can’t work? 

At the close of my visit I pray. I urge you to feel God in your lives today more than before. 

I congratulate you for taking care of us and trying to feel like family. The family of International Ministries that is far away.. 

The Risen Christ is present! 

In Christ is the model and example for my life.