Posted on December 5, 2018 Pray for Glen and Rita Chapman training Christian leaders and uplifting lives through economic development and environmental ministries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Glen and Rita have been instrumental in transforming the Kikongo pastoral training school into the Baptist University of Congo (UNIBAC). Glen is vice-rector of UNIBAC, where he teaches Old Testament, Hebrew and Baptist history. Rita runs the library, teaches English and works with the wives of theology students. Rita and Glen both are very much immersed in the life of the community and the church through village ministry, transportation and environmental ministries such as beekeeping, raising rabbits for agricultural training and planting trees for reforestation, lumber, firewood, charcoal and fruit.

Glen writes – December will be an unstable time in Congo due to unrest over elections…
Much of the foreign population is departing by mid-month.  As there is not any anti-west or anti-foreign sentiment, we feel it is safe to be tucked away at Kikongo.

A praise is that we have had a young volunteer from River Valley Church

in Grants Pass Oregon helping me with finance.  She is a
big help in getting the finance for UNIBAC organized.   She will be
departing for the US  mid-month after visiting with Tim and Kathy Rice
at Vanga. …

We are both busy wearing many hats here as always.  All my
work at the university is not allowing me to get out into the villages
like I used to do.

Since it is my last term, I have been taking advantage of
speaking at special historical occasions.   I have realized that I
have lived in Congo almost half the length of ABFMS

(American Baptist Foreign Mission Society) involvement here.
I have lived here for over 60 years.  The first ABMU Missionaries
arrived in 1884 = 134 years ago.    I have been very interested in
discovering and passing on the history of our mission involvement in

My father (Orville, a career missionary with IM) is having health
issues these days.  I need to consider making a trip to the US
sometime in early 2019 to visit him.

Thanks for your prayers for guidance and wisdom as we
face a crucial historical time in Congo.