Posted on July 28, 2017 Pray for Emerson and Ivy Wu providing discipleship and training through the Global Chinese Training Ministry

The Rev. Ivy and Emerson Wu serve as the directors of the Global Chinese Training Ministry. They work with overseas partners and IM personnel to identify strategic locations to provide discipleship and pastoral training. Building on their service experience in church and campus ministries in Ohio and at the Macau Bible Institute, Ivy and Emerson help Christian training centers and Bible schools to run assessments and improve their curricula, libraries and faculty development. Ivy and Emerson also serve as IM liaisons to partners in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and global Chinese churches.

They write: God uses our new Global Chinese Training ministry to open many opportunities for those who are willing to serve His Kingdom among the Chinese people near and far.  The Yunnan ministry needs Christian training teachers.  The call of “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” is intense and strong.  Two seminaries in Taiwan and one church in Hong Kong have requested IM to send missionaries to help them with theological education and developing an English worship service.  If you have sensed a burden for His Call, please come to join us to “Send the light, the blessed Gospel light.”