Posted on October 19, 2019 Pray for Eliberto and Molly Juarez endorsed to serve in El Salvador training volunteers to serve as agents of transformation.
Eliberto and Molly Juarez

Eliberto Juárez and Molly Jamison Juárez are endorsed to serve as global servants in El Salvador with IM partner Mision Vida y Paz (MVP), or Mission Life and Peace. They share a strong commitment to peace building and social transformation through the power of the gospel. MVP is an educational program based on biblical values to be used in public schools in El Salvador. The couple will build the MVP program by educating and training Christian volunteers who are committed to serve as agents of transformation in their communities. These volunteers will work with Molly, a sociologist, and Eliberto, a student of economics, to deploy the MVP curriculum. They seek to see churches living out their calling to bring God’s peace to children, families and communities. 

Molly writes – This weekend Eliberto and I had the privilege of attending the annual meeting of the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey. … The theme of the conference was “Deeply Rooted” and we had the pleasure to hear from Rev. Edgardo M. Caraballo, a Puerto Rican pastor.  

During his reflection, Rev. Caraballo briefly shared from his experience in Puerto Rico during and after Hurricane Maria. The hurricane devastated the island, destroying much of its natural habitation. But one type of tree remained standing through the storm – the Tabonuco tree. In order to withstand the strong winds and rains, Tabonuco trees not only dig roots deeply underground, but also intertwine their roots with those of other Tabonuco trees. They create an entire underground network from tree to tree, sharing nutrients and providing exceptional stability. 

As I reflected on this season in our lives, I resonated deeply with the image of the Tabonuco tree. Eliberto and I need to grow a deeply connected network of people who think like us. Our goal is to connect and intertwine the roots of people who believe in the power of education, who believe that God uses us to transform lives, who believe that peace is possible, even in the darkest storms. 

Yet we still feel tired, swept away by the daily tasks of life. And so, we pray for wisdom to become like strong Tabonuco trees, and for grace to intertwine with other Tabounco trees in the US and in El Salvador. Together we form a bond of peace for our world. Together we hold one another through life’s storms. Together we build communities where our God of hope and peace breathes life and light into every being. May we have patience as we journey and love for this great community. 

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