Posted on February 5, 2019 Pray for David Sagar recently appointed to serve as an associate development worker in South India.
David Sagar 2019

The Rev. Dr. David V. Sagar of Schiller Park, Illinois, has been appointed to serve with International Ministries (IM) as an associate development worker in South India. He will work with the Baptist Convention of Telugu Churches, a partner of IM, in discipleship training and leadership development. 

David is an active American Baptist pastor in Chicago also serving as an International Ministries associate development worker in India. Building on 11 years of service as an IM special assistant to India, David will provide discipleship and leadership training and build networks to bless Indian communities globally. He will also be available as a resource person for the Baptist Council of Telugu Churches and the India Mission Coordination Committee.

David says – “I am grateful to God and thankful to IM for giving me an opportunity to serve in India,” said Sagar. “My childhood memories of American Baptist educational and medical institutions and their discipline, growth and vibrancy illustrated for me the missionaries’ committed, sacrificial and dedicated services. This played a very significant role in my life. Now, there is a great desire and hope in me that all my academic, theological and special education, along with my sacerdotal and secular experience attained in U.S., will help me encourage and equip leaders to carry on God’s mission more effectively within the Indian context. I have already started this work and will continue more constructively with the help of the Lord.”

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