Posted on May 2, 2018 Pray for David and Laura Parajon empowering people in Nicaragua to improve health in the name of Jesus.
Parajon Family 2012

Drs. David and Laura Parajon have been serving in health ministry since 2001, sharing health, hope and healing through AMOS Health and Hope ( AMOS uses an empowering approach to improving health that engages communities as full partners. They work to make sure preventive and curative health services get to remote and vulnerable communities through the training and support of health promoters who serve where there is no doctor. These promoters diagnose and treat the most common illnesses that can kill children like pneumonia or diarrhea, and promote healthy habits like eliminating mosquito-breeding sites to prevent zika and dengue. They receive short-term mission teams and volunteers who work alongside AMOS to contribute to improving health for all people, and would love for you to join them in Nicaragua!

They write – Most of you probably realize that we’re living through a recent period of political turmoil and civil unrest here in Nicaragua, and while we are hopeful that the situation will gradually improve, the recent protests and violence are going to have long-lasting effects here in Nicaragua.

We know that many of you have been praying for us, our family, and our ministry team at AMOS (, and we are so grateful for all your love, prayers, and messages to us and our team. Your ongoing support and kind words in these difficult moments for the country have touched us and continue to encourage and strengthen us.

Those of you who have received our AMOS updates know that the government reforms that significantly increased social security taxes were the breaking point for protests all over the country that led to violent clashes, and sadly, the loss of lives. Most of the violence was in urban centers, far from the communities in which AMOS does most of its work, and the community of Nejapa where the AMOS campus is did not have any violence. Last Sunday, President Daniel Ortega revoked the reforms. On Monday, a large, peaceful march took place in Managua with many thousands attending and walking through the city without incident.

Since Monday, there have been no reports of violent demonstrations in the country and on Tuesday, leaders from the Catholic Church in Nicaragua have accepted the invitation to be the intermediaries in the national dialogue called for by the Nicaraguan government, which we hope will lead the country to a peaceful resolution to the current crisis.

Starting Tuesday, public transportation, most schools, businesses, and organizations, including AMOS, resumed their operations. We have been in touch with all our staff and health promoters in the rural communities and all are safe and returning to normal activities. However, the health care needs of the rural and urban populations AMOS serves are unchanged by the current political conflict. That is why we ask not only for your support through your thoughts and prayers, but also your continued commitment to our ministry at AMOS. The ministry of AMOS stands for health — but most of all we stand for hope! …

We will keep you updated about the situation here through our journals — and want to let you know that we will not conduct any activities that we believe are unsafe for our staff, mission teams, volunteers nor for the community members we serve. We are encouraged by the return of calm to our beloved country but ask your prayers for the dialogue process that is underway. Thank you for being with us at this time and in joining us in our work of saving the lives and improving health of the most vulnerable people.