Posted on June 13, 2017 Pray for Dan and Sharon Buttry working for peace and justice world-wide through the ministry of conflict transformation

Dan serves as an International Ministries global consultant for peace and justice. He works with International Ministries missionaries and national church partners around the world to deal constructively with conflict situations. These conflicts may be social and political conflicts within a country, or they may be conflicts within the national church bodies that negatively impact Christian witness.

Dan trains church and community leaders in conflict transformation skills, utilizing experiential education methodologies and Bible study. He consults with church leaders about conflicts plaguing them, and in some situations, he may participate in mediation teams between conflicted parties. Dan also finds ways for people interested in conflict transformation to accompany him and develop training and facilitation skills alongside him.

As a global consultant for community transformation, Sharon provides consultation and training of community and conflict transformation at the request of IM global partners, primarily in coordination with and complementing the work of her husband, Dan.

Dan writes: In 2013 the Pan African Peace Network (PAPNET) was formed.  It was born among participants at the 10-day Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers (TCTT) that Sharon and I led in Kenya.  We had people from eight African countries, and they wanted to build on what they had learned, putting the training skills into practice.  But they also wanted to continue the relationships, working together in international partnerships, bringing together spiritual energy, Biblical perspectives, and experiential education tools to impact African contexts for peace.

Almost immediately they launched into the work with a team being sent straight from the TCTT to do a workshop in a rural flashpoint for political violence in the Rift Valley of Kenya.  Later in northern Kenya Boaz Keibarak got involved mediating between warring tribes, and he invited Philip Kakungulu from Uganda to join him in a conflict transformation training initiative with those tribes.  Lance Muteyo from Zimbabwe became the coordinator for PAPNET.  He invited Boaz to help him train chiefs and traditional leaders on peace-building in a volatile region of southern Zimbabwe.  Then Philip and Lance trained together in the Lord’s Resistance Army areas of northern Uganda, especially working among war orphans and the staff ministering to the orphans.

PAPNET grew when Lance and I led another TCTT in Nigeria, this time drawing participants from ten countries.  One was Anthony Fabrice Kettemalet, a dynamic young Christian activist from Central African Republic (CAR).  Fabrice took his new peacemaking tools and quickly made such a huge impact in C.A.R. that the U.S. embassy noticed.  Fabrice was hosted on a U.S. tour visiting places like the Jimmy Carter Center in Georgia and the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C.  Meanwhile back in C.A.R. Fabrice working with Muslim leaders to develop joint Christian/Muslim public prayer vigils for peace and conflict transformation training throughout the country.

Lance Muteyo will be joining me and International Ministries at the American Baptist Churches’ Mission Summit.